Melbourne-based representation & advice to ensure you’re getting the price you want for the properties you need.

Melbourne is one of the most desirable cities in the world for buyers, and as one of the city’s leading buyer’s advocacy services, we know just how hard it can be to get a foothold on the Melbourne property ladder. That’s why Berkshire Luxe exists, offering high-end Melbourne buyer’s advocacy services for standalone properties and volume builds.

As a bespoke provider, we work with you to understand your precise needs, as well as your goals for the future and what you’re looking to achieve. Through this process, we can begin to source properties suited to your criteria while guiding negotiations through a Melbourne property network built over decades.




Find Off-Market Properties in Melbourne

When seeking advice about a Melbourne property, you need to ensure that you’re getting expert advice from those that know the markets best. Berkshire Luxe will develop a comprehensive buying strategy based on both up-to-date insights into the financial and property markets, as well as decades of experience and knowledge that comes from hands-on work within the Melbourne property world.

As we work in Melbourne, we have an extensive local network, along with connections both nationally and internationally. Our cross-disciplinary service allows us to work with you throughout every part of the property advocacy and acquisition process, from sourcing potential listings to navigating price negotiations, and more.

What Can I Expect From a Melbourne Buyer’s Agent?

When working with Berkshire Luxe’s Melbourne buyer agents, you’ll be receiving a bespoke service that focuses on your particular needs. With that said, there are steps that are taken to ensure that we have all the information and expertise that we need to make informed decisions on your property options.

Buyer’s advocacy Process


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Alex Bragilevsky

Alex Bragilevsky

Founder and CEO  |  CPA