If you’re looking at selling your land, we can assess your property’s potential, value and market your land to both off-market and on-market buyers across our network and negotiate contracts that match your expectations.

Why sell land to a developer?

By accessing the Berkshire Luxe national and international network of developers and investors, your acreage is put in front of qualified, high-worth leads. We absorb marketing and advertising costs with transparent commission structures, while our on- and off-market networks allow you to avoid unwanted public attention for your land/acreage sales. 

We maintain ongoing conversations with our network, helping us understand exactly who is in the market for what. This allows us to achieve favourable sales faster than traditional agencies, while we still offer full-service support in setting up your acreage for sale and creating a path towards a strong result.

We can help you sell your land privately

Our acreage sales service covers the full range of land types.






Kurraba Point

6-step process

As part of our full-suite bespoke service, we’ll guide you through a 6-step process to finding a buyer for your land.