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Mornington is one of Australia’s greatest getaway destinations, and there’s a reason that it sees hundreds of thousands of visitors a year all trying to get some respite from the busy world. Naturally, the same quiet, beautiful atmosphere and picturesque beaches that have made it a staple for tourists have also made it quite a hotspot for property investors and those wanting a little home away from home. Highly competitive areas like Mornington’s property market can be difficult to get a foothold in, and that’s why Berkshire Luxe exists.

As a bespoke provider of Mornington buyer’s advocacy and representation, our team works with you to understand what you need, what your goals are, and what you have to work with. From there, we can begin finding you a selection of off-market properties that suit your preferences and financial requirements. This is possible thanks to a high level of experience and a Mornington property network that has been built up over decades.




Finding Off-Market Properties in Mornington
Property is a big investment, especially when you’re looking to buy in more competitive areas. So, when it comes time to seek advice and representation, it’s important that you’re working with a company that understands the area, and has the experience required to get you what you need. The Berkshire Luxe team has lived and breathed Mornington buyer’s advocacy for decades, working across Victoria’s property landscape. So, whether you’re buying for investment, or are just trying to acquire the best off-market properties in Mornington, we’re the team to get you there.
What Should I Expect From a Mornington Buyer’s Agent?
Unlike your average property acquisition service, an experienced buyer’s agent will factor every part of your situation into getting you the best off-market properties available in Mornington. Thanks to a mix of knowledge and connections within an impressive property network, Berkshire Luxe will be able to source you the best of the best for your needs while working with you through each step of the process.

Buyer’s advocacy Process


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Alex Bragilevsky

Alex Bragilevsky

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